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Darren Goodman was born in 1981 in Maineville, Ohio.  He was first introduced to the glass blowing process at College. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Goodman apprenticed under glass master Leon Applebaum in Corning, New York. He has also studied with studio glass legends Dante Marioni, Lino Tagliapietra and Davide Salvadore.


In 2005 the young artist established his own glass studio in Waynesville, Ohio. Two years later Ferrari North America commissioned him to create trophies for the International Challenge Races. A teacher as well as an artist, Goodman has coordinated classes for students at elementary and high school levels. His work has been exhibited and shared with audiences throughout the World.


Goodman employs a hands-on approach and shares the tenets of the studio glass movement. He is concerned with the distinct properties of the material and embraces both the practice’s tradition and experimentation. Through his work he explores the textures, scale, and the implied functionality of each piece. He also emphasizes the collaborative and performance aspects of glassmaking, which is in keeping with the movement’s emphasis on process.


Most recently his "Glass Experience", a performance which combines both his musical and glassblowing creations into a interactive production, is being shared with people around the world.  Through the common theme of team-work through glassblowing, Goodman translates into our everyday life, the unlimited potential of working together.



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