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News and Schedule

January 2019

The Holocaust and Humanity Center moves to the historic Cincinnati Union Terminal Museum, and Darren creates two significant installations.  One of the installations is comprised of tears in the entrance of the museum, and the other work is an uplifting quote from a holocaust survivor, Edith Carter (1914-2010).  Edith was a mentor, teacher, and friend to Darren for the last two years of her life.  The quote was made out of canes with white glass threads which flow through the lettering, and it reads: “Everybody, every human being has the obligation to contribute somehow to this world”

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October 2018

2009 was Ferrari, 2011 was Porsche, and this year for the promotion of the 2018 Lexus LS Darren was asked to blow glass for another luxury car company. Darren created two crystal sculptures with the signature Lexus L melted all over the vessel forms. 

October 2017

At the foot of the Roebling bridge on the ohio river, Marriot opens a new hotel, AC on the Banks, and Darren Creates an installation of framed glass shadow boxes for the dining room.

May 2017

The Crystal City, in Corning New York, invites Darren for the third year in a row to present his Glass Experience during GlassFest.  This year, he brings along his covered wagon, which carries his mobile blowing furnace as well as a huge assortment of glassblowing artifacts and displays to educate and inform the attendees. 


April 2017

Columbia Elementary students help to create a glass installation in the entrance of their school.  Darren works with 5th and 6th graders teaching blowing, sculpting, and creative thinking, and together they make an artwork with the schools motto, “Be Nice Out There”.  Click here to watch the Live FOX19 interview of Darren and the students as they talk about the project with Frank Marzullo.

May 2016

Darren receives Distinguished Alumni award and gives the commencement speech. “One might think that traveling the country with Ferrari or blowing glass throughout the city of Paris would be the highlight of my career as an artist, but being asked to come back to the high school, which at one point I had been kicked out of, and to give the commencement speech and be awarded distinguished alumni tops it all.”-Darren

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December 2016

New book and catalog available for "Trail of Tears", a journey of Darren's largest glass exhibition to date, at the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art, in Hilo Hawaii.  

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May 2016

Join Darren in Corning, New York May 28th and 29th, at the city's historic district during this years Glass Fest.  This will be the second year Darren has been invited to present his "Glass Experience" at the city's annual glass exhibition.  

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December 2015-January 2016

On exhibit at the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art, now through the end of the year is "Trail of Tears".  This exhibition highlights the diverse settings that Darren has taken his "Tears of Joy" into schools, museums, and nature. 

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April - June 2015

Working with children in schools and museums across the country, Darren has just finished his largest installation of Tears to date, installed at Cincinnati's brand new Children's Hospital Cancer Research Center.

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December 2014-January 2015

Over the past few years since Darren created a  portable glass furnace to take with him to the streets of Paris, he has shared his Glass Exerience in museums and schools across the country.   This winter he will be taking his furnace to the world famous,  Hawaii Volcano National Park, and be blowing glass at the park's Volcano Art Center, Sharing his passion for glass, and creating outdoor and onsite installations in nature.

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Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Holiday 2014

Life size snowman created with Love at the Corning Museum of Glass Studio in New York.

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November 2014

The Museum of Glass in Tacoma Washington is an incredible and inspiring place to learn about glass.  Thanksgiving Day weekend the Museum will host Darren as he shares his Glass Exerience with visitors, and then create a new sculpture called "Healing Tears", which will later be donated to Children's Hospital 2015.

September 2014

Join Darren at the Beringer Crawford Museum as he shares his Glass Experience during their annual "Art in the Park" September 14th 2014.

November 2013

Darren sharing the Glass Experience in downtown Cincinnati on Fountain Square over Thanksgiving Day weekend.

July 2013

This summer and into the fall Darren will again, take his "Glass Experience" on another tour, this time across North America, sharing with schools and children across the Nation.
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June 2013

New book and composition available.  It's Always a Miracle, Darren's newest work, is a visual and audible journey of traveling around the streets of Paris, France with a mobile furnace and guitar, transforming bottles into artistic streetscapes.
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November 2012

Earlier this year at the Columbus Art Museum Darren shared his "Glass  Experience" with children of all ages.  The work created during the performance has now been donated and installed at the Dayton Children's Hospital.  Click to read more.

October 2012

Darren is back from Paris, after having spent part of 2012, traveling and sharing his Glass Experience.  Click to read more about his "La Parisian Glass  Experience".

Monday, April 23, Darren blows glass LIVE in the TV studio at Channel 2 WDTN
Trial by Fire - New works at the Cincinnati Art Museum
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