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As I grow and awaken to the world around me, I become more and more aware of just how fortunate I really am. I am fortunate for a countless number of blessings that are far beyond my understandings, from my perfectly functioning body like my breath and bones to the freedom of living life here on planet earth.

My journey over the years has in no way been an easy road to travel down and I'm certain that this is entirely due to my own decisions. There have been times of great joy and at times great sorrow and sadness as well. Its through these experiences I've come to a place in life, where I realize the significance and importance of all these events. I've learned to embrace the good with the bad openly, and its this awaking that I feel has brought me to where I am today, a place where I have begun shedding new tears of my own, tears of joy.

The idea for this installation was born initially out of a mistake. While shaping a hot molten bubble of glass, the bubble became so hot that I lost control and soon it came flowing down to the floor. My soul was touched by the simplicity and beauty of this new shape and process that I had just found. I knew instantly that this accident could be repeated with control and precision, creating forms and sculpture that is truly unique to glass.

Tears of Joy

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