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Over the course of three years, two artist in residency programs, and a tour across the US visiting National Parks, Darren has created a photographic body of work, installing his glass in nature.


Since 2013, Darren has been developing a mobile glass furnace that has enabled him to step out of the confines of the typical glass studio, and to be able to explore with glass, directly in Nature. 

Darren took his mobile furnace on tour of National Parks across the country, with his last stop at the Volcano National Park, In Hawaii, where he spent the winter for a two-month artist in residency.  During this residency he was able to share his Glass Experience with the parks visitors, along with installing works in both the parks art center, as well as incorporating his glasswork into Nature.


The images collected and created from these journeys were compiled into a book called “Tears that Fill the Air”.  The words from this book, were recorded into an original score of music, which accompany the images in the story of these Fantasia.

Fantasias in Nature

Tears that Fill the Air

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