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Toledo Art Museum Glass Experience

The Studio glass movement began in Toledo, Ohio.  So it seemed appropriate to try out and bring to life the idea for Glass Experience. 

On January 28, 2011, Darren, along with twenty other artists, teamed up to go beyond the limits of  the typical glass blowing journey.  

The team of artists were blowing glass fast, as Darren says, "as fast as the speed of glass". These works were blown so fast and so thin, that  just seconds after being liquid hot, they could be cool to the touch.  This unique approach enabled the team to create over a hundred unique Tears, that would all be put together into one final sculpture.

"Glass Experience is all about enlightening people of what can be done with teamwork.  Together what can resemble in glass, I think can be taken into our day to day lives as in  if we work together, there is nothing that we can not accomplish".

the final piece from the performance was exhibited later in the year at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The exhibition, "Trial by Fire", was comprised of Darren's recent works.

Tears of Joy,

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