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The “Fantasia” forms were initially inspired at a workshop in the summer of 2007. The workshop focused on color process, goblet making, and form.  My idea was to create blown sculptures resembling an abstract human form. Upon returning to the studio I began experimenting with a wide variety of shapes.  I didn’t think too far in advance of how I wanted these forms to end up, but I wanted to create forms which were my interpretation of people and life.  It took several months before this design evolved, and it is still a continuous process of experimentation and evolution.
The name “Fantasia” came from a conversation with a friend when the first grouping, still nameless, was being shown at an art gallery.  While discussing the pieces, I was explaining how  the pieces seemed to "dance together", and he said they kind of remind me of “Fantasia.”  I loved the name and that’s what stuck. Originally they started in groups of three, but have progressed and expanded.  

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