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In 2009, Ferrari commissioned me to create “one-of-a-kind” trophies for the Ferrari Challenge. The production of a large number of works in short period of time was a daunting task for me at the time. However, I quickly discovered and learned from one of the racers…“to truly go fast…I must go slow…”

For the Vetrobottles I used traditional Venetian techniques with canes and encalmo to create spiral patterns in Ferrari’s trademark colors. Initially, I made the Vetrobottles by using tools to shape the form. However, I realized after the first few prototypes that if I just worked with hotter, thinner glass, gravity could achieve the same effects, often even better and more fluid.

By getting the glass so thin and so hot, inevitably I lose pieces, but this is part of the process I've learned to embrace. One of my philosophies in the studio is, “If not breaking enough, I'm not learning enough.”

(click image for full picture)

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