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Late 2008, I began working on a series of pieces that would utilize the properties that are found solely in glass. It was important for me to express the freeform and organic nature of the properties of glass while maintaining other characteristics of the medium. These pieces capture fluidity, fragility and the delicate but yet structurally strong and transparent nature of the material.

When I began working on the “Vetrobottles” I first tried using tools to shape the pieces. However, after making a handful of very bad pieces, I quickly realized that if I could get the glass hot enough and thin enough, I could achieve the same affect using only heat and gravity. I found that the shapes appeared more organic when I embraced and worked with the forces of nature instead of trying to work against them.

The exploration of these pieces were originally only solid transparent colors, and have since grown into more complex color patterns using canes and murrini. 

In 2009, Ferrari North America commissioned me to create unique works of art, to use as trophies for their racing series called the Ferrari Challenge.  

"We created about 175 of these pieces and traveled all over the world presenting them to race car drivers, what a thrill!"


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