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La Parisian Glass Experience Introduction

The common question I have often been asked is “did you have a permit to do this?”  Well, I suppose if a strong will to share passion, love and truth with people could be considered a permit, than yes, I did have a permit.  However if it is documentation allowing me to bring this furnace and fire in and around the wonderful city of Paris, then no, no I did not have a permit.
On occasion I was met with authorities.  Every time I encountered Security, Police, or some sort of authority, they seemed to be more interested than concerned in what I was doing.  To them it was obvious I was making artwork, and not planning a terrorist attack.
Ive always been eager to share this process of glass blowing,.  Simply thinking about the process, a human breath inflating a molten glowing bubble which originally began from sand, then magically and mysteriously taking on new forms, is as intriguing as it is inspiring.  It is always a miracle.
On January 28, 2011, at the Toledo Museum of Art, a vision and dream I had was brought to life, bringing multiple passions together: Glass, Music, and Performance.  I named it Glass Experience.  The soundtrack to the performance began with a simple instrumental tune written on my ukulele titled “its all about the journey”.
Exactly one year later, the journey of Glass Experience had taken several turns and found its way onto the streets of Paris.
When I began designing the furnace to bring into the city, I knew it would need to be lightweight and compact.  If it was going to fit in the Metro, or a taxi, or as it came to be, in a found baby stroller, small would not be enough, it also needed to be functional. 
After it was built, I placed it in a box along with a guitar and shipped it to France.
During the next year I made multiple visits back and forth to Paris, and each time a new direction or twist to the journey would unfold. 
In the end, after traveling around with my “ guitar and glory hole”, what I walked away with was this collection of photographs, objects, and melodies.
La Parisian Glass Experience: It’s Always a Miracle

Blowing glass on the Seine at Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, France  2012

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